We are a young, ambitious and serious team, with a waste experience in glass domain.

We are specialized only in tempered glass partitioning, not in the other kind of home decoration works.

We are doing just what we are specialized in, we perform for your necessities almoust everything wich can be made of glass.

Our headquarter is in Brasov, but we are working all over the country, both for commercial and office buildings and particular houses.

With our experience and flexibility, we are able to satisfy our clients needs and wishes. More than that, we offer a high standard values which make our company more attractive than the multinationals.

In addition to the range of high quality fittings is a high level of providing services, as flexibility, quick adaptation of changes and market needs, and correct commercial attitude.

In a very few years from founding, the company became well-known on the market.

With a professional designing and project fulfilment, with more than a hundred of satisfied clients and with a growning reference works, we achieved a high reputation in this field.

In our oppinion a quality work can be realized only with quality products and with a high qualified staff.

Our products has very good quality and among the suppliers you can find some famous brands like: Dorma, DNW or Sun Design.

The prioritys for our company management are the high quality of the products, personal contact to our clients, flexible and trusted providing services, long term guarantee, a quick and fair solutioning the problems and questions appeared on the way.

Because of the technical background and of qualified labour force, our company executed many reference works, which you can see in the PORTOFOLIO menu.

If you need  shower cabin, glass door, swing door, folding door, sliding door, glass wall or room deviders, glass stairs, glass floor or balustrades, we are affording specialized assistance and professional fulfilment.

Our purpose is to improve and make your house, office or workplace more confortable, more aesthetic, more pleasant, so we are continuously addapt for the clients requirements and to the new trends.

Behind the words is the reality, a waste experience and the professionalism..


Yours sincerly,

Hajdu Gabor